Mr. Jacques BESNER

General Manager, ACUUS


How to get the most of public hearing on underground projects

Underground projects are invisible by definition because they are below the ground level and therefore much less subject to the demands of citizens and activists. They are planned by public bodies or developers, often in silos, and in many cases, they do not involve any consultation process to get the population opinion. However, they are just as important as the projects built on the surface. This workshop will clarify the difference between information campaign, citizen participation and public consultation for underground projects. Various forms of consultation will be presented, and questions will be raised, such as "What projects should be subject to public consultation?”, “When should the public be consulted before, during or after their planning?”, “How to carry out a public consultation and with what visual tools and media?”, "Who should hold public hearings?”, “Which skills, behaviours and knowledge they should have?”, "Whom to invite to these hearings?” and “What to look for through such process ?” and “How to integrate the results of these consultations?”.



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