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Senior Vice President, HNTB Corporation


Ms. Zlatanic, based in New York, is an internationally renowned tunnel engineering expert and a senior vice president of HNTB firm. With over 30-year experience, she is on the leading edge of her profession. She is the first woman at HNTB to be named Fellow for her technical accomplishments and innovations. In her role, she directs the firm’s tunneling and underground projects and leads its global marketing and business development for tunneling and complex underground structures within transportation and water resources markets. She has been responsible for managing all phases of major multi-billion dollar projects, from feasibility and conceptual engineering through final design and construction nationally and internationally, and serves in high-profile capacities for prominent industry societies. In 2014, became secretary-general of ACUUS. Some of the most complex underground projects in the United States and abroad, have benefited from Zlatanic’s award-winning planning, design and support services, including the Crenshaw/LAX transit corridor in Los Angeles; Presidio Parkway in San Francisco; Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing; the SR 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct, and VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Extension Project—where she introduced single bore tunnel for transit application, to be implemented in Americas for the first time.


Use of single bore for transportation contributes ACUUS’ vision for urban sustainability

Potential use of single tunnel bore for transit is gaining traction in the North America – this tunneling method may provide answer to minimizing impacts of subway construction through dense urban cores of overgrown or developing cities while contributing significantly to opportunities for public or private joint development over transit stations. Also, this methodology assures sustainable approach to underground space use for public transit and allows continuous and unobstructed use of cities’ busiest areas during major transit improvements – contributing to both, improvements to public quality of life and unimpeded development of urban businesses and overall economy.



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