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Manager, The Centre for Tunnel Studies, France


Michel Deffayet graduated as an engineer from the National School of Public Works - Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat – in 1982, and the National School of Bridges and Roads - Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées – in 1995.

 Michel Deffayet is currently the manager of The Centre for Tunnel Studies (CETU). This Centre, created in 1971, is the French Government’s technical centre for road tunnels.

He is personnally involved in all CETU’s civil engineering, equipment and operational activities related to tunnels: drafting of regulations and guidelines, research and development in the field of underground space, consultancy and assistance for owners, in addition to training activities.

He is also the Government representative in the National Commission for the assessment of tunnel safety and the President of the French Association of Tunnels and Underground Space.


Considering Fire Safety Issues in Underground Facilities

Safety issues are among the prime concerns in the design, construction and operation of underground facilities. The safety regulations that are implemented to manage them are generally based on regulations previously developed for open air projects.

The aims of this paper is to provide a few international examples of underground projects, and report on the way the building codes and regulations (defined as explained for open-air public buildings or high rise buildings) have been adapted to tackle specific underground issues.

Drawing on such work, along with other examples and feedback, can lead to new performance-based approaches or proposed amendments to the regulatory framework.



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