Keynote Speakers

Mr. Eng Hwee LIM

Chief Executive Officer,
Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore


Mr Lim Eng Hwee is the Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Redevelopment Authority with effect from  1st  September 2017.

Mr Lim was formerly the Chief Planner and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Redevelopment Authority from 2009 to August 2017. He has extensive experience in urban planning, urban design, implementation of land use policies and development initiatives. He has also served in the Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry and served on the Board of Land Transport Authority of Singapore till 2016. He currently sits on the Board of Science Centre Singapore and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise.

Mr Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Planning from the University of Auckland. He also holds a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard University. He attended the Wharton Advanced Management Program at the University of  Pennsylvania.


Underground: Singapore’s Next Frontier

Singapore is a small island with a land area of 721 sq km and a population of 5.6 million. Given the land constraints, Singapore needs to take a long-term approach in land use planning to ensure that sufficient land is set aside to cater for future growth and opportunities. Singapore has adopted a number of key strategies to tackle the increasing demand for space and at the same time continue to provide a good quality living environment through reclaiming land, building higher, consolidating the port space and co-locating uses to optimise land. The next frontier is to go underground. 

While using underground space is not something new in Singapore, Singapore is moving towards planning the underground space more systematically as compared to the more ad-hoc approach in the past. The Singapore experience in underground planning and development is broadly guided by four key principles, which can be considered, examined, and adapted for different situations:

i. Be forward thinking and undertake upfront planning of underground space, as part of the overall urban planning framework and process.
ii. Have clear objectives and intended outcomes when considering to use the underground space.
iii. Have strong governance to ensure that plans can be realised and implemented.
iv. Collaborate with different stakeholders to find new, innovative and effective ways to work towards a common goal.



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