ACUUS 2018| International Conference

Keynote Speakers

Prof. David MANGIN

SEURA Architects, France


David Mangin is a Practicing Architect and co-partner of SEURA Architects in Paris, France since 1996. He is a Professor of Architecture in the School of Architecture at the University of Marne-La-Valle and the ENPC (The National School of Bridges and Roadways). He has formerly undertaken the role of visiting Professor at various universities around the world including Venice, Singapore (NUS) and Versailles. He is a member of the Scientific Councils for various urban committees and has co-authored various learned publications and popular books on urban underground space. He was instrumental in producing the “Mangroves Urbaines”, a book outlining the urban connectivity and opportunities of the metro to their surrounding urban areas in Paris, Montreal and Singapore. He has a modern grasp of the complexity of our urban spaces and how they can benefit communities and provide spaces for enjoyment both aesthetically and functionally. He has been involved in many of the Architectural improvements of metro stations and the older metro underground spaces in Paris as well as Europe and Asia and will provide insight into the challenges of the past and the potential future direction of underground space in our ever increasingly complex urban landscapes.



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