ACUUS 2018| International Conference

Invited/Theme presentations


The Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists, Hong Kong


Ir. C K Ng is a Civil and Information Engineer, Utility Specialist and BIM Consultant. After graduation from the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Hong Kong in 1980, Ir. Ng started his engineering career with various engineering departments of the Government of HKSAR. He obtained an MSc in Geo-information Systems from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Distinction in 1998. He is a visiting lecturer on BIM for Chu Hai College of Higher Education. He is currently working for a construction IT company providing BIM services and developing a big data system for storing bore logs and generating bore hole BIM models. As the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists, he acts as a member of the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council Committee on BIM. He is working on the BIM Standards of Underground Utilities and promoting digital construction from the ground up.




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