Scientific Committee

Prof. Shu Yu

Tongji University, China


  • Professor & PhD supervisor of Tongji University
  • Former deputy chief of underground research center of Tongji University
  • Visiting researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Chartered Builder
  • Vice chairman of Shanghai Society for Urban Studies
  • Chairman of Global Urban Underground Space Research Society

Since graduating from the underground construction of Tongji University, Professor Shu has been engaged in the scientific research, personnel training and engineering practice of design, planning, disaster prevention and environment of underground space development, physiological and psychological effects on human body and art of underground space environment and utility tunnel. Professor Shu has published more than 260 papers and 6 monographs. He is one of the drafters and signatories of 1991 Tokyo declaration of underground space. He is the technical standards editor of Chinese urban underground space planning, design and disaster prevention and utility tunnel. Besides, Professor Shu is the forerunner and well-known expert of urban underground space planning and utility tunnel design.



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