Scientific Committee

Dr. Samuel KC Ng

Member of the Organising Committee
Former Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Hong Kong


Samuel K.C. Ng studied geological engineering for his undergraduate studies and followed his interest in geology to the University of Alberta for Master's and PhD degrees. Prior to joining GEO/CEDD of the HKSAR Government in 1994, he had stints in Brunei, Cayman Islands and the United States for a variety of geological work. In GEO, he was involved in different aspects of geotechnical engineering, specifically management of contaminated mud disposal, development of natural terrain risk management strategy and related digital technology, development of long-term strategy for enhancing use of rock caverns, and training of engineering geology graduates. Upon retirement from the post of Chief Geotechnical Engineer, he has helped supervise MSc thesis in the field of engineering geology at the University of Hong Kong since 2017.





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