Scientific Committee

Mr. Raymond Chan

Meinhardt, Former Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Office


Mr Raymond Chan has over 40 years of civil & geotechnical engineering and management experience in Hong Kong, largely with the HKSAR Government. He was the Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Office between 1998-2011, responsible for a wide spectrum of civil and geotechnical engineering functions including the management of the Hong Kong Slope Safety System to mitigate the risks of landslides and geohazards, geotechnical design and supervisory services, research and development, administration of quarrying activities, territory-wide management of fill supply and mud disposal, management of construction material testing laboratories for public works, as well as administrative & statutory control on the geotechnical safety of developments, blasting and the civilian use of explosives in Hong Kong.  He was instrumental in promoting the use of underground space in Hong Kong, and was the Chairman of the Working Group for the preparation of the First Edition of Geoguide 4 : Guide to Cavern Engineering.





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