Scientific Committee

Mr. Ilkka Vähäaho

Finnish Tunnelling Association International Activity Group, Finland


Mr. Ilkka VÄHÄAHO graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Technical University of Helsinki, Finland in 1979. He has 40-year experience in foundation and rock engineering at the City of Helsinki and has been the Head of Geotechnics since 1997.

Mr. Vähäaho is a member of the Advisory Board of the ITA Committee on Underground Space ITACUS and also a ‘Global Perspective Ambassador’ of ITACUS to promote the usefulness of Underground Resources. He has been engaged in the work of numerous National and European Standards and has a strong engagement in the Finnish Geotechnical Society SGY and the Finnish Tunnelling Association MTR-FTA. He is currently the Chairman of the SGY Ground Improvement Committee and the MTR-FTA International Activity Group.




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