Scientific Committee

Dr. Fan Yiqun

Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co.,Ltd., China


FanYiqun, Male, 49, Ph.D., Director of R&D Center, Senior engineer (Professor) in  Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group), Co. Ltd., Urban Traffic And Underground Space Design Institute .

He is also the Secretary-general of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering, Underground Logistics Professional Committee, the Institute Member ( as the delegate of SMEDI ) of ACUUS.

Over the years, participated in dozens of major municipal projects, and participate in or presided over a number of scientific research tasks, including the "863" project of National Ministry of science and technology, the projects of Shanghai science and technology Committee etc. Participation in the formulation of two national standards and two local standards of Shanghai City, on the other to write three monographs of and edited books. Be responsible for project won prize three of the national excellent engineering survey and design industry award and two prize of Shanghai excellent design prize, and was the outstanding achievements of Shanghai consultation first prize.




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