Chairmen Messages

Message from the President of ACUUS

On behalf of ACUUS, I would like to warmly invite you to the 16th ACUUS World Conference to be held in Hong Kong on 5-7 November 2018. This forthcoming conference is the next to a series of very successful events and will focus on the use of underground space development to provide sustainable solutions to meet various tough challenges encountered in modern cities. There will be many distinguished speakers and guests coming to share their expert knowledge and precious experience.  High quality papers from researchers and professionals of different disciplines will also be presented. Let’s join this prestigious international event. Look forward to seeing you.

Prof. Dimitris Kaliampakos
ACUUS President

Message from the Chairman of the Organising Committee

Dear friends, colleagues and delegates,

The ACUUS 2018 World Conference coming to Hong Kong is very exciting for us.  We have embarked on a journey to harness our underground in the city in a better and more systematic manner and we are proud that ACUUS has allowed us to host the event and bring so many thinkers, practitioners and world renowned speakers to our home to share their experiences in underground development. The conference will undoubtedly inspire, steer and provide a platform for our younger architects, planners and engineers to see the possibilities and how we can make our dense urban cities more convenient, livable and better planned.

The theme of “Integrated Underground Solutions for Compact Metropolitan Cities”, while relevant to our Hong Kong context, is one that resonates with many cities around the world and demands our attention as we continue to expand, develop and integrate our urban systems for our own convenience, enjoyment and improved efficiency. The underground cannot be ignored, nor can it be developed in a haphazard manner.  It needs to be planned and developed to provide better surface living as well as safer and more convenient public circulation in our urban areas. Various threats need to be meet and boldly challenged for us to reap the rewards of underground development. In addition, modern technology is evolving rapidly and digital data is changing the way we look at our built environment. With BIM and other digital technologies, we will be able to record, manage and plan our hidden cities assets in a better way.

I would like to welcome you to ACUUS 2018. May you enjoy the conference, share and present your ideas and make new friends!

Mr. Mark Wallace
Chairman, Organising Committee

Message from the Chairman of the Scientific Committee

The ACUUS 2018 World Conference offers an international platform for researchers and practitioners to present their innovative concepts, technological achievements, research findings and case studies associated with urban underground space, which can extend our understanding of what works and does not work in its applications. We know that planning is the key to a successfully integrated underground system. We also know that we need to provide interesting spaces and easy connectivity to support our every growing urban transportation networks. Hence, we should balance above and below ground developments to ensure that they complement each other so as to make our cities more livable, sustainable and resilient to meet the challenges arising from continuous urban development.

As the Scientific Committee Chairman, I hope that we can share our ideas and experiences for the benefit of the delegates and provide an inspired, thoughtful and fun event for all. In this Conference, we have included a couple of awards for the papers, including one for younger practitioners and thinkers, with a view to attracting high quality submissions on the use of underground space in our cities.  The topics cover a broad range of categories, including architecture, urban planning, design and construction, sustainability and environment, technologies and innovations, etc.

Give us your best papers so that we can share, develop and expand our understanding of the way we want to develop our underground.

Mr. KK Ling
Chairman, Scientific Committee



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